Boston Celtics rumored a leading team to land Andrew Bogut in a trade

CBS Sports James Herbert has suggested the Boston Celtics are among the most likely destinations for Dallas Mavericks big man Andrew Bogut in a trade.

Bogut, who was the first piece to fall in an effort to make space for Kevin Durant on the Golden State Warriors, could have been traded to the Houston Rockets or Philadelphia 76ers, but ended up with Dallas, as the Warriors' front office felt they stood the best chance at delivering a post-season run to the 32-year-old veteran center.

Bogut, who now finds himself on the league's worst team - possessing a 4 - 17 record - is a free agent after this season, and likely looking for one more big payday that would almost certainly be impacted with a lack of postseason to showcase his value. For the Celtics, who have an abundance of young players, draft picks, and cap space - with aspirations to use it for a max player after this season - could really use the rebounding he could provide.

While injury-prone and a poor fit next to star big man Al Horford, he could effectively operate as a sixth man, entering the game on Horford or Johnson's exit, and playing largely to bolster Boston's weak second unit. It's unlikely Bogut would remain with the team longer than this season, but with Boston's aspirations to land a major free agent this summer, that is likely seen as a plus. Several other teams are also likely interested in Andrew's services, including the Portland Trailblazers, San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Cavaliers, Indiana Pacers, and possibly others.

How do you, the reader, feel about signing Andrew Bogut? If Boston did make an offer, what do you think it would take, and would you be up for such a package given the limited nature of his likely tenure with the team? Let us know with the Twitter poll below, or in the comment section of the article.

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