One bright spot from last night; Jaylen Brown looked great in crucial minutes late

I'm all set with the moral victories. I don't care how good the Thunder are, or how close the game was. On the road, no Isaiah, whatever the case may be...the Celtics need to start winning some of these close games against quality opponents. For a team that is supposed to take the next step the Celtics have yet to beat any of the higher-caliber opponents they have played this season (0-5 vs. Houston, San Antonio, Toronto, Oklahoma City, and Cleveland).

Although watching last nights game there was one bright spot that shined. Jaylen Brown had a terrific 4th quarter, and provided a huge boost offensively early in the final frame. He played 18 minutes in the game, but he scored all of his 10 points in the 4th on 4 of 5 shooting. Brown showed off his entire offensive potential mixing up the ways he was able to attack. He showcased his athleticism on an alley-oop from Marcus Smart, drove a couple balls to the rack, and hit on his only attempt from three.

Jaylen has a full arsenal on the offensive end, and although he still needs plenty of seasoning to become more consistent, his skill-set makes me excited for what the future holds. Just look at how he takes this handoff and drives around his defender for what he makes look like an easy bucket.

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He managed to effortlessly kiss that ball in with a 6'10 power forward/center in Domantas Sabonis draped over him. Unlike a guy like Isaiah Thomas who has to be a magician in the paint, weaving in, around, and under defenders to get his shot off - which IT is extraordinary at - Brown is quick to the rim with his speed, and manages to create his shot over (and sometimes directly on top off) his opponents.

Brown's big minutes late in last nights game had a lot to do with Jae Crowder finding himself in foul trouble, and ultimately out of the game after 6th foul late in the quarter. In a close game against a tough opponent, coach Brad Stevens went to Brown for a crucial stretch and he delivered. Stevens was frustrated after last nights loss, but was able to find a positive in getting Brown and some of the other young players involved in the late stages of a close game. Via

"It's always tough because you're kind of always managing a curveball here or there," Stevens told reporters. "But I look at it as a good thing in the long run with regard to more people are getting opportunities. And maybe this expedites Jaylen Brown's learning curve, expedites Terry Rozier's learning curve. They're getting to see things and go through things and do things that maybe they don't get as much when we're fully healthy. It is what it is. You prepare with who you have available and you move forward."

Jaylen has a long way to go to develop into the player Danny Ainge and Co. envision he can become, but if he can continue to provide offense for a team that struggles to create it aside from launching three-pointers, he'll find himself a bigger part of the Celtics rotation in short order.

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