Nerlens Noel fires agent, hires DeMarcus Cousins' agent - what's next?

Brace yourself - December 15th has come and gone, and with the thick of the NBA trade season upon us, the media are reading tea leaves, consulting oracles, and pouncing on the tiniest scraps of information that might signal signs of a trade.

So, when one of the league's most publicly unhappy-with-his-role big men (Nerlens Noel) fires his agent (Andy Miller) and hires the agent (Dan Fagen) of another of the league's most commonly-linked-to-trade-rumors big men (DeMarcus Cousins), it's only natural wild speculation should follow.

Pump. The. Brakes.

There's something going on, to be sure - and that something is Nerlens has hired a new agent. Save for an explanation from the man himself, everything else is purely speculation, though the timing is very interesting. Noel's former agent, Andy Miller, has a contentious history with his new agent, Dan Fagen, who he sued (and lost) in 2014 over alleged "unfair competition" grounds, alleging Fagen and company offered a portion of their fee to people close to a client (a one Larry Sanders) in order to convince Sanders to change representation.

The soap opera history, however, tells us Celtics fans very little about the current situation, as the change might indeed be more subterfuge (if any took place) on the part of Fagen to expand his client list, could reflect a move to facilitate forcing a trade where perhaps Miller may have proven ineffective or improperly connected, perhaps is indicative of Noel's assessment of who will get him more money this summer, some combination of the above - or none of it.

So, sorry to disappoint what with the smoke and all, but for the moment, at least, there's no fire to concoct anything we haven't already heard - as you were.

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