KG goes to college: The best reality show that would've been

Just because Kevin Garnett is retired from the game of basketball doesn't mean he's also retired from living his life like a complete boss.

Instantly after hanging up his shoes this summer, he picked up a deal with TNT to do a mini segment called "Area 21" with special guests like Rasheed Wallace. He is probably not the most qualified person for this position, but who cares? Every second is entertaining to watch (at least for Celtics fans). However, this may have been KG's second choice of getting back onto our television screens.

Garnett had pitched a reality tv show to Showtime which would be about KG going to college, living in a dorm, and doing whatever else that a 40-year-old future NBA Hall of Fame freshman does. Chris Mannix of The Vertical recalled KG's intent to make this happen:

Fire editing job there by The Vertical. Mannix went into more detail on the podcast:

"I can tell this story now because it's not going to happen," Mannix told his guest, Zach LaVine, who played with Garnett on the Minnesota Timberwolves. "He was retired. But when it ended in Boston, he thought he was done in Boston. He thought it was going to end there. Paul (Pierce) had to talk him into the trade to Brooklyn.

"He was on a plane to China with the head of Showtime Sports, and he went up to this guy -- Stephen Espinoza's his name. He went up to Stephen and said, 'I've got an idea for a show. How about I go to college?' KG came out of high school, he never went to college. He wanted to go to college, live in the dorm, and let Showtime shoot it."

Man, now that I know this, someone needs to make it happen and anyone who is even slightly familiar with KG (in person or as a basketball follower) would agree. If minute and a half segments from Area 21 entertain me as much as they do, a whole show about KG just messing around on a college campus would be absolute gold. Zach LaVine, KG's teammate on the Timberwolves, takes the words right out of my mouth:

"That would be hilarious," LaVine responded to Mannix. "If you could follow him around with a camera and it was uncensored, it would be the best show in the world."

When you think about some of the absurd nonsense that airs on reality tv shows every day, it's shocking that no one has reached out to KG about this. I mean, even if it didn't turn out great, it would still be better than a handful of reality shows. If someone was willing to film and produce a whole season of Sarah Palin hunting caribou in Alaska, surely someone is willing to do a show of Kevin Garnett in college, right?

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