Green Envy: What Sixers fans said - 12/3

It was ugly, but the C's came away with the win in Philadelphia on Saturday. Philly fans were presently surprised for much of the game, and weren't too concerned with the end result. Why? Cause they #TrustTheProcess, of course! Here's what they were saying:

Top Three

This Boston team might be the most hateable group ever assembled

If there was a championship of how to lose a basketball game, the sixers would be perennial world champions.

He’s active, which gives him a leg up on like 80% of our roster

Play of the Game: Isaiah Dominating Philly

Isaiah Thomas just absolutely schooling the Sixers.

Isiah Thomas got to the rack or drew a foul whenever he wanted.


Trust the mo*****n process: Took the C’s wire to wire without Embiid, Simmons, Cov (could have at least added some D), and Bayliss

Not a total 3rd quarter meltdown; trust the progress (close enough, right?)

A friendly reminder that 7 meaningless wins were the difference between drafting Embiid and Smart in the 2014 draft.

If watching the Sixers without the score on League Pass isn't trusting the process, I'm not sure what is.

The Sixers would have won this game if Ben Simmons was playing #TrustTheProcess

good job, good effort, process loss, tank engaged, f*** boston and f*** bill simmons

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that court looks fire, the unis look fire…and we start with a brik from nik

God bless Ilyasova for trying to draw a foul every single moment he’s on the floor

what’s the deal with Marcus Smart? he’s no good? someone give me the cliffs notes.

Shhhhhhh. Nobody wake up the Celts.

Let's just end the game now

"Ball don’t lie"
-Jae Crowder

He was complaining he got all ball when he clearly got all arm…

Smart is terrible. Jumper a work in progress my a**

Lol, Jaylen Brown was standing in that lane for a while. He’s got no clue what he’s doing out there.

wonder what Ersan’s personal record for flops in a game is. it’s gotta be double digits.

Tank lineup plus refs = bye bye lead

Lil Dik Nik

TJ, kindly leave

ha horford clanks a 3, well not everybody can be joel embiid

Ilyasova has taken over Hollis’ role of hitting meaningless threes.

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