Green Envy: What Pacers fans said: 12/22

The Celtics continued their current winning streak to 4 games and capped off a 3-game road trip with another W in Indiana. The C's were once again led by Isaiah Thomas who scored 28 points and chipped in 9 assists. Here is a look at what Pacers fans had to say throughout the loss.

Solid 2nd quarter for the Celtics

That quarter was a -20. Jesus.

What the hell happened in this quarter? I’m watching and I can’t figure it out.

god damnit bench

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These Hickory jerseys are fresh

These Celtics jerseys are ass

I mean it's not necessarily Teague's fault that Isaiah is so short that he's at his elbow all the time....

Thomas is shorter than me. Can’t punish guys for being taller than Thomas.

Botched fast breaks are always nice.

Always great when they don't score for five minutes

I didn’t even notice Horford was playing until he got away with that foul on Thad.

Terrible defense

Please Pacers

Also Bradley is dick

Potential shaqtin sequence

Wow what a surprise our bench gave up our lead.

as bad as the defense looks, offense is worse

Will someone blame this all on Paul George?

What a BS tech.

There's one Celtics starter that isn't in double figures

Meanwhile we're only getting 1 point for every million Paul makes.

Boston giving us every chance to win, any takers on this Pacer squad?

I still can't understand how Thomas was the last pick in a draft where Derrick Williams and Jan Vesely were top 5 and top 10 picks.

That was...not fun.

What starting 2-guard should Larry be making phone calls for now?

19 turnovers...

What the fuck is life

We suck

Indiana sports this season just make me wanna die

GG Boston

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