Green Envy: What Magic fans said - 12/7

No Isaiah Thomas, no problem. The Celtics rolled on the Magic in Orlando, 117-87. The C's played one of their best all-around team performances of the season. Avery Bradley led the way with 23 points, and Jae Crowder had himself a game with a solid 17 and 10. What better way to celebrate Larry Bird's birthday than a Celtics blowout victory. And of course, we'll cap it off by highlighting the misery of our opponent's fans in defeat:

Top Three:

Larry Birds bday. They are gonna make everything.

WHOA!! Missed the 3rd...What the hell happened?!?!?

Frank looking like he would rather have a prostate exam right now than talk to the media.

Jaylen drops the hammer:


you gonna let that mofo....

Sigh, Vuc.

Should have been an offensive foul

ah the old poke in the eye dunk

Vuc was completely raked in the eye there. Nice dunk by Brown though.

Full Slate:

Boston you are next, go magic

We could have sole possession of second place in our division after tonight. That doesn't say much about our division, but I'll take it.

**** Boston.

Trap game with IT not playing... hopefully they keep up the defensive intensity.

It's not whether you Win or lose. Unless you have money on the game, in which case win. I mean damn, that's your money.

Here comes the Smart shooting exhibition.

Jesus Vuc. Try a little. Made Horford look like LeBron.

Vuc can't get a rebound if anyone else ever jumps for it. He just has to slap at it.

Why is Jeff Green so lazy?

gerald green is still in the nba?

The Jeff green pump fake is hilarious

Hating our defense tonight. Suppose that's because we are playing a team that knows how to play offense. Little tougher.

Lmao at Gerald Green's mid '90s Snoop Dogg hair style.

Think Vogel just told Gerald Green his hair is cool.

These leprechauns get so many BS calls vs us.

Tranquillo amigos, Tranquillo!

Hey, I liked this dancers routine during the brake.

Boston gonna get 40 ft's tonight due to team history and the fact they make more money for the league than we do.

Vuc can't even move Horford. But hey no one move we will just keep iso-ing.

Marcus Smart fouls literally every time down the court... I don't think he's been called for one yet

Green at pf on defense is the worst decision ever... he just stares.

This is ugly

When I turned the game on we were down by 3. I guess I shouldn't have turned the game on.

Jesus Christ guys


that dude looks like he starred in the movie "the wood" with that haircut

Please shut up the celtics fans in orlando.

Can we please start tanking now. We aren't making the playoffs

"A career night for XXXXXX..." is something we hear too often.

Take the game tape, burn it then bury it. Forget this one happened and get ready for Charlotte.

Oh ffs why are Boston starters still in. F U Stevens

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