Green Envy: What Knicks fans said - 12/25

On Christmas day the Celtics beat the Knicks in a nailbiter, 119-114. A true team effort, the C's were efficient in all facets of the game, from defense to offense, rebounding and hustle.

Al Horford and Avery Bradley sealed the win for Boston while Isaiah Thomas applied the finishing touches. Here's what Knicks fans had to say about the lump of coal they received from the Celtics.

Top Three 

easy win, my guess is KP 35 points, 9 rebs, 7 blocks on that dwarf

How does a team have 63 points and 6 assists???

Fake comeback. Melo shouldn't be dribbling against Bradley.

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We need some better defense!!!

Whoever thinks the main issue is offense is hilarious

When DRose decides to drive he practically never kicks out to open man...that's worse than Melo goes to iso

Defense is a joke and will get this team bounced in RD 1

We need a point guard or someone to teach this squad the fundamentals of basketball

This is a process..

Smart getting star calls Boston refs in NY

We getting outrebounded by a bunch of midgets smh

Really need to hire somebody to coach this defense. Been pathetic all season

Low iq defenders how may times does it have to happen to wake up and tKe notice

O'quin single handedly ****ing up the game in the 4th. This is why you can't give him too much minutes or let him start.

Everything is one on one

Tied game. Watch the refs take over now.

Knicks suck, Westbrook single handedly destroyed this team the other night

Too much isolation for the Knicks today. They have just 11 assists on 41 made field goals. Boston has 25 assists on 45 makes

I know it's ****ed up but I'm kinda glad smart got hurt.

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