Green Envy: What Kings fans said-12/2

The Boston Celtics deafeated the Sacramento Kings 97-92. The team was lead by Al Horford who scored 26 points, having his best all-around game as a Celtic. This victory puts Boston at 11-8 for the season with the team preparing to travel to Philadelphia for a back-to-back. Let's take a look at what Sacramento fans were saying as the game developed!

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Anyone have a count if our moral victories have outnumbered our actual ones?

I like to balance the poor quality of Kings basketball with higher quality meals when I can.

Theory: Marcus Smart reeeeeeally doesn't want to be traded to Sacramento, so he's playing poorly against us---Let me know when you hear about one player wanting to come to the Kings

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I cant remember the last time we DIDNT get blown out in Boston.

Kings never win in Boston and to top it off, their margin of defeat is usually 15+ points so I don't expect that trend to change today. Also, Horford has been known to give Cousins a good run for his money and he has the size, length and strength to give Boogie a hard time.

Boston seems like the only crowd I've noticed in the East where it isn't really quiet during games.

The Celtics hustle like crazy.. they also have Marcus Smart who is a Vlade-like floppist. This game is a recipe for disaster

Please no Cuz and Kosta. Please...

I can only watch with the Celtics Home commentators.. pray for me

It's just not Kings basketball without a double digit 1st quarter deficit to dig out of.

You can always count on the starters getting the job done. Stevens just completely toyed with Joergers defensive system in that first quarter. Now, time to let Temple, Barnes and co. trying to stop the red hot opponent per usual.

I guess I'm going to go do something else. This team, man... This team.

2:20 left in the 1st and boston is shooting 63% on jumpshots.

Cauley-Stein giveth, and Cauley-Stein taketh away.

Matt Barnes...... or Scottie Pippen??

Isaiah is an amazing player for his size

Big Al still owns Cuz. Well, in the first half at least. I'm hoping for a bounce back.

Cousins playing bad against the team that can offer the assets another year

Jerry's love affair with IT will never end.

Did Jerry just compare IT to Kevin Durant?

Oh, we lost to a team that has an All-Star player we used to have that could've been re-signed on a bargain deal and we gave him away for nothing?

Those bean town bastards wounded dearest DeMarcus

A playmaker outside of DMC would be nice to have
Who was that short guy playing for Boston? I would love to have a player like him play on the Kings
Grant and Jerry spending more time fawning over IT than calling the actual game.

Winable game blown by Joergers starting lineups, hopefully this loss wakes him up.

I'll say it....Cousins and Gay were most responsible for this loss in Boston.

Held IT below his average in points. #Tictacktoemoralvictory