Green Envy: What Hornets fans said-12/16

The Celtics needed a big win on Friday night, as they attempted to break their three-game losing streak in a home game against the Charlotte Hornets. Thanks to strong performances from Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford, Boston managed to overcome a Hornets team that desperately missed Kemba Walker, who was absent due to a family emergency. As per tradition, we collated some of the most emotionally charged, hilarious and occasionally sombre reactions from the opponent’s fans:

Top Three

He might look straight laced, but I bet Brad Stevens secretly loves hookers and coke.

These rims seem super soft and springy. In a bad way.

Cody died once and it wasn't flagrant. Not sure how that was

Pregame Pessimism

kemba is out. oh boy

Does this mean Sesh will start and BRob will be backing him up? Ouch....

I'm expecting an L. Isaiah back, on the road, no Kemba.

Tonight feels like one of those nights on which I should reorganize my stamp collection instead of watching Ramon Sessions run the point

IT is going to burn us

The Frank Kaminsky Fan Club

Right now Kaminsky looks like he needs to be in the D-League for a week or so. Maybe that will help him come back with a chip on his shoulder.

Frank will get more minutes than Cody and MKG, even if he can’t guard anyone or throw the ball in the ocean, because this has to happen every game

Frank just missed from 2 inches or did it get blocked until he starts playing better he will be call frank Morrison after Adam. Cause that's where he's headed if he doesn't turn it around

Frank has just simply decided to quit trying

Frank the rim is over to the right about 2 feet.

Atleast kaminsky isn't as bad as kelly!

Full Slate

Man…MKG is really looking like a bust now. He looks awkward even going to the hoop

Jaylen Brown's shorts Lol

The fix is real that was one of the weakest flagrants I have ever seen.

Batum throws the dumbest passes at times. He is not Magic Johnson.

I am starting to loose faith this team is even a playoff team. I hope this is just a weird downswing.

For such a high IQ team, we play for big stretches without any semblance of a brain. We completely go away from even scratching the paint, it's frustrating to watch.

I have to listen to the Celtics coverage on league pass and Tommy Heinsohn just suggested that the refs need to go to confession at church. Wow.

I am going to put about 80% blame on Clifford for these last four loses .

Enjoy being above .500 for 18 more hours. Might be last time we're here for a while.

Yayyyy.....we suck againnnnnnn. Mediocre bullshit year after year.

Let's not speak of this again

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