Green Envy: What Grizzlies fans said - 12/27

The Memphis Grizzlies visited the TD Garden on Tuesday night, hoping to bounce back from their defeat to the Orlando Magic the night before. Isaiah Thomas managed to score 44 points in a recent overtime duel between the two teams and the Celtics were hoping for a similar performance from their point guard in order pick up the win. Thomas did not disappoint, as he scored over twenty points for the 16th time this season to contribute toward a strong team performance and grind out a 113-103 victory.

Here’s what some of the Memphis fans that inhabit online message boards had to say about their second loss in a row:

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Andrew Harrison, who attended Travis high school in a suburb of Houston ( 10 minutes away from me ), was developed by the Houston Rockets as a secret biological weapon to doom their Southwest division foes, the Memphis Grizzlies. Daryl Morey, the mastermind.

That fucking leprechaun...

Isaiah Thomas 5 ft 9 and 27ppg. WOW!

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Conley out... this is why the front office will forever get heat on that contract. Injury prone is injury prone.

Conley is scared to get torched by Thomas again tonight!

Getting killed on the boards, can someone jump instead of ball-watching?

Kelly Olynyk looks like he'd rather be playing Tony Hawk and smoking special cigarettes

Yeah definitely still not looking sharp after holiday break.

A 2on1 fast break ends with the Grizzlies in a half-court set with Marc being guarded by Marcus Smart and Harrison bricking a 3pt attempt. I don't even understand that one.

They're not even guarding Harrison.

An NBA franchise should NEVER be in a position where Andrew Harrison is your only point guard.

Harrison needs to go somewhere...PREFERABLY THE FUCKING D-LEAGUE

My god, Avery Bradley is a terror.

What's with our commentators saying "you gotta be kidding me" and acting like every shot they hit is a fluke, no, our defense is just bad. Celtics are hitting shots they always hit.

great F play, set up the bricklayer for a shot to bring it to a one possesion game, why dont we just hand the ball over to them?

Well, Boston is a decent team.

Back to square one, I don't understand the strategy right now. Just when I gave Fizz so much praise, o'well.

Boston is good team, but this team (the 2016-2017 Grizzlies) is definitely a step back from last year which really sucks.

We werent suppose to win this game.

Can we give Douglas, Baldwin, or fucking Chalmers a chance to be back up pg? I'm tired of Grizzlies fans telling me "Oh Harrison's improving." Improving from a large pile of shit to a smaller one still isn't good.

We're probably gonna have to start facing the fact that we're not as good as we thought we were. We will make playoffs but not much more at this rate.

Al Horford is disgustingly steady and composed.

why can't we rebound?

We got destroyed on the boards, outhustled, and missed a bunch of free throws. Also they couldn't miss. It's amazing how random players like Gerald Green, Aaron Gordon, Kosta Koufos etc., always seem to have their best game of the season against us.

20-14. So really in the bigger picture, this is not a major loss. But it suckssssssssssssssssssssss

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