Green Envy: What Grizzlies Fans Said, 12/20

The Boston Celtics gutted out a gritty win in the grind house in Memphis tonight, 112-109. Isaiah Thomas led the way with 44 points, a career high and Grizzlies fans were on the edge of their seats for most of the game. Let's take a look at what Grizzlies fans said.

Top Three:

1. This all my fault. We had grubhub deliver some soul food and I took off my Grizz jersey to eat.

Never take off the Jersey.

2. Tell me Jae Crowder doesn't look like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. SPITTING IMAGE

3. Marcus Smart looks like a lesbian lizard

Most Festive Comment of the Night:

Dear Santa,

Please allow Andrew Harrison to shoot better. If I am being greedy and asking for too much; please send one of your elfs to tell Coach Fizdale not to let him shoot, pass the ball to #33, #30, #11 or #50

Best of the Rest:

Isaiah Thomas game winner incoming....

Thomas is such as stud

Thank God Horford can't hit threes tonight. Plus he has huge ears

Don't know why Gasol keep guarding Amir, WHO DOES NOTHING!!!

Still can't tell if we have Andrew or Aaron Harrison on our team.

Vince shouldn't play anymore. For god sake, he's almost older than Brad Stevens

Love listening to Mike Gorman the Celtics play by play guy. Guy has a classic voice


I don't get how Celtics fans deal with Kelly Olynyk. He honestly looks like he sucks

Jesus christ, Jaylen Brown has the shortest shorts

It would be very nice if Conley could at least try to defend Isaiah, what the fuck???

These refs are giving the midget every. single. damn. call.

Welp, nice to see we shit the bed in OT. Good game to everyone on Boston except Marcus Smart. Hate him.

When is Chandler Parsons soft ass gonna get back on the court? This fuckin loser is always injured

Isaiah Thomas is such a god damn little leprechaun. Shouldn't be good at his size but the little man has heart.

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