Gerald Green might just have a new nickname

Gerald Green has been called lots of things over the course of his NBA career (some of which should not be shared in print media), but it seems he's picked up a nickname that's starting to stick:

Hot Chocolate.

Short, (literally) sweet, and accurate. Hot chocolate is great when you're cold and need some energy (on or off the bench), and it can occasionally burn you when it gets really hot. It's not the worst thing ever if you find it cold, but it's also not exactly something you'd be looking for to perk things up when you're down, so I guess I'm OK with the appellation from a semantic perspective. And heck, anything is better for a nickname than "the poet" (sorry, Kevin Draper - we all whiff from time to time).

What do you think, Celticslife readers? Is "Hot Chocolate" a good nickname for Green? Do you have a better one? Let us know by voting or commenting on the Twitter poll, or in the comments below.

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