Countdown to the trade deadline - YOUR view on a Paul George trade

It's pretty safe to say the majority of you are pretty into the idea of a Paul George trade to the Boston Celtics, should he be available.

However, it's that last bit that's the catch, and the likelihood of him being traded this season seems vanishingly slim, save for a very public Markieff-Moris-like implosion, which doesn't seem lost on most of you, either. It's certainly possible given the second straight year of poor returns on Larry Bird's "small ball" expiriment, and George's somewhat vocal displeasure with the state of affairs - though, for now, the bulk of that displeasure has been directed outwards, rather than towards his teammates and management.

Add to this the fact that Larry Legend has made it clear he's not listening to offers for George, and that there's a full season after this one before George can opt out, and there seems to be very little reason for Bird to hit the panic button, at least this season.

Of course, savvy general managers will (or at least SHOULD) say they aren't taking offers on a top-ten talent in the league, but the sentiment rings true from a logic point of view, at least while the team seems to have a modicum of cohesion this season.

The Ayes have it - and it's not even close:
Even still, nearly three-fourths of you were ready to deal for George, no questions asked. That's probably just a sign of your recognition of his immense talents, because if George actually WERE available, you can bet it'd probably take both remaining Brooklyn draft picks, possibly a third first or some high value second round picks, and some of our best players - I'd guess Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, and Jaylen Brown.

What you'd be OK with giving up is less clear:
It's not clear from the second poll if the near-tie between a "picks and salary" versus a "lottery pick and salary" is more indicative of the acknowledgement that making such a pick might gut the Celtics to the point of seriously impacting their long-term ability to contend, if not their short-term ability, too. Perhaps a glance at your comments will give us a better idea of what you think about this proposal from CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely and Kyle Draper:

Some of you bid high:

And some of you bid low:

Some of you want nothing to do with him:
Some of you have other ideas:

And some of you just want it to be March already:
It seems the Celticslife hive-mind agrees George is a transcendent talent, but your comments suggest you are aware any offer big enough to net him if he WERE available would be substantial - possibly so much so it might not be worth the cost. The situation is certainly something to keep tabs on, but for now, the point is moot.

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