Countdown to the trade deadline - YOUR view on a John Wall trade

December isn't just full of holidays, egg nog, and awkward conversations at family gatherings, it's also full of NBA trade rumors as restrictions on players signed over the summer begin to expire, and the NBA trade season gets underway.

Each week, until the trade deadline passes in February, we'll be analyzing at least one trade rumor making the rounds through NBA media circles, and instead of adding to the flow of analysts and sportswriters dissecting the same rumor recycled from everyone's favorite, "league sources", we're asking YOU, the reader, to weigh in. This week, we asked you your thoughts on a John Wall trade to the Boston Celtics, and as with the inaugural edition, you had plenty to say.

Compared to Nerlens Noel, the consensus is much less clear:

Last week, Celticslife readers were much more interested in trading for Philadelphia 76ers big man Nerlens Noel, with over 40 percent in favor of a trade without concern for the details, and another 51 percent on the fence depending on what the offer was. This week, readers signed on for a lukewarm 21 percent no-questions-asked "yes" to a hypothetical Wall trade, with another 34 percent of you interested with the right offer.

Given it's not much of a debate Wall is a vastly superior player than Noel in a vacuum, the reasoning behind this is probably his fit with the current roster, or the players who would likely have to be included in a deal to give it some legs, cap space considerations relative to 2017 free agency, or some combination of the above. This is also reflected by the fact that readers were considerably less interested in including lottery picks for Noel (six percent) than for Wall (20 percent), even though readers were notably more in favor of a Noel trade.

Most of you didn't think the trade makes sense:

Especially considering your opinion of the team's existing concerns:

Those who did want a Wall trade were pretty realistic about it:

And some of you have other plans:

But the general consensus seems to be summed up rather succinctly by some of you:

That pretty much sums up the Celticslife hivemind, folks; the people have spoken, and this rumor doesn't seem to be what the people want. I have to agree - the roster, cap, and chemistry all suggest the risks for any trade package involving Wall outweigh the potential benefits - and depending on what we'd pony up, maybe even decidedly so.

If you have any suggestions on what rumor(s) we should poke our nose into next, or strong opinions about what your peers had to say about a John Wall trade, please - let us know in the comments!

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