Celtics celebrate win in Philly with...Coronas?

The Boston Celtics may not have won in style, but they certainly celebrated like it. Following their narrow victory over the Sixers, many C's players took a big sigh of relief, along with a sip of a beer, in the Philly locker room.

Although we don't know who specifically was partaking (except for the under-age Jaylen Brown), some players were cracking open a few Coronas and blasting tunes to celebrate their team coming together for the win. With the dub under their belt and an off-day awaiting them on Sunday, why not drink some cold ones with your boys? After all, we all know what Saturdays are for.

Definitely an interesting choice of drink (if they had a choice, that is). I guess that, no matter how you played or how cold the weather is, it's always sunny enough in Philadelphia for a cold Corona!

They didn't take the "celebrating" too far, if you even want to call it celebrating. Some may say it was merely guys being guys. Either way, they were back into preparation mode once they were on their plane to Houston, swapping in Gatorade and water for their Coronas:

Complete side note here: Jonas is giving off an Eminem-type vibe in this pic. He looks a little too happy, but still:

Is it just the grey beanie? Maybe it's just the grey beanie.

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