Boston's title odds have dropped since summer - but don't panic (yet).

It seems the shine is off the Boston Celtics for Las Vegas oddsmakers, at least a little, anyhow.

The Celtics, who were considered to be 18-1 favorites to win it all this summer by Bovada after signing All-Star big man Al Horford, have come back to earth a bit. They fell to more than double those odds (40-1) after dropping a game to the Detroit Pistons at the end of last month, but have since rebounded to 33 - 1 after last night's grind-it-out win against the lowly Philadelphia 76ers.

Normally, it would not be unreasonable to be seriously concerned if your team's title odds underwent such a seismic shift. However, given how high Boston was rated at that time (fourth in the league behind on the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Los Angeles Clippers), and the fact that they are currently behind those same three teams plus the San Antonio Borg (er, Spurs - easy mistake) in a three-way tie for fifth with the Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets (who they face this Monday, December 5th), it's no cause for alarm.

If anything, the fact that Boston is still in such rarefied air after the extended absences of Horford, Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart and Kelly Olynyk is a testament to the esteem this squad is held by people whose job it is to take your money - by knowing the league well enough to win the bet against most of us, anyhow.

No reason to worry, Celtics fans - this may have been a rough start, and there are plenty of concerns that still need attention, but there's lots of games left to get that work done - as you were.

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