Scouting Report: Game 8 vs. New York Knicks

This recurring segment will provide a brief (sometimes very brief) analysis of the opponent, look at ways how the game can go, predict a winner and dive into Vegas spreads and then some throughout the season.

Recap: In the Scouting Report for the Wizards game, I found myself at a crossroads. Looking at the stats and recent performances and injuries etc. Washington Wizards were closer to a victory, but I chose to believe that the Celtics would finally play with some fire and show some tough defense. Or at least finally rebound the ball.

And then this happened:


Who are the favorites tonight and why?: The Celtics because, I don't know, maybe Vegas thinks we'll finally get our s*** together?

How can the Knicks beat us?: Well we are now officially the worst defensive team in the NBA (or the team with the worst Defensive Rating). The Knicks aren't doing much better in that department (they had actually been ranked worse than us until Wednesday), and they are not impressive in rebounding but at least they have won 2 of their last 3 games. One of those victories came against the Bulls, away. They were within 5 points of beating the Utah Jazz too. Meanwhile we lost to the Nuggets and the Wizards. So there you go. They also have, to quote Michael Rapaport, the Lativian [sic] gangbanger Porzingis who should torch us from the 3-point range, block 57 shots and grab 231 rebounds (rough estimates). Oh, and they still have Carmelo and Noah and Courtney Lee and Derrick Rose who are all healthy so they are not the Knicks of last year.

Who wins against the spread?: Knicks +5.5. I'll believe the Celtics can play defense and rebound the ball when I see it. (My record so far this season: 3-4*)

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*2-4 officially due to a missing Scouting Report.

Photo credit: AP Photo / Charles Krupa