Scouting Report: Game 7 vs. Washington Wizards (away)

This recurring segment will provide a brief (sometimes very brief) analysis of the opponent, look at ways how the game can go, predict a winner and dive into Vegas spreads and then some throughout the season.

Recap: My last scouting report was very brief and it was in a different format.

Unfortunately it was one of the most accurate ones so far (except for the last part because of all the teams in the NBA, the Nuggets were the first to blow us out this season). Celtics cannot rebound, their PnR defense is way worse, they cannot effectively close out on shooters... Or in short, the defense sucks. On top of that, Horford and Crowder are still out.

Who are the favorites tonight and why?: The Wizards because see above.

How can we beat the Wizards?: Now, Wall is most likely going to score a ton of points on us, but there are some good news. The Wizards rank just above the Cavaliers in terms of REB% so we should do fine in that department. They are also the 7th worst team offensively and defensively. So this depleted Celtics roster and out of sorts defense actually has a chance to match with them. What's more, Kelly Olynyk is back! Now he's not the best defender out there, but he is as tall as Zeller, he can spread the floor better and he actually contributes to our motion offense. His Defensive Rating last season for home games was 93.1. That's a really impressive number. (Hey I know we're playing away but come on, I need a silver lining here.)

Who wins against the spread?: Celtics +1. I simply refuse to believe that the Celtics will have the same record as the Nets do 7 games into the season. We cannot and should not be a sub-.500 team. I believe the players will play with some fire tonight. (My record so far: 3-3*)

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*2-3 officially due to missing Scouting Report.

Photo credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports