Jaylen Brown meet and greet gets canceled due to rowdy fans

Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown is only 20 years old, but already seems to be turning the city of Boston upside down.

The one year Cal standout and rapper Desiigner (kinda random right?) were scheduled to meet with fans at a Champs Sports store inside of the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall on Monday night:

However, the crowds that formed in the mall were a bit too turnt. Here is what the scene looked like:

It is unclear how out of hand it truly got, but the use of pepper spray and the six arrests that were made suggests that this was actually pretty serious. Here is the statement that the Cambridge police department released following the reckless behavior:

Alright, so maybe most of this was Desiigner's fault. Any fans eager to meet a rather unhinged rapper (if you don't know Desiigner, check this out to see what I mean) are probably a bit crazy themselves. Meanwhile, Brown has already proved to be a very composed person who has a good head on his shoulders.

That's no fun though, so let's roll with the idea that most of those fans were actually there to meet a future legend, Jaylen Brown. There were so many Brown fanatics going nuts over him, that the event was canceled before he even stepped foot in the mall:

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