Young's best game in career, Thomas with 12 points in 4th and Olynyk fighting for the starter job (videos)

Brad Stevens told James Young earlier this week that his time might come soon and Young proved he was ready by playing probably the best minutes in his career at Saturday's night. 21-year old player came up big for the Boston team as he scored 12 points along with three rebounds, two steals and some great hustle plays. If it wasn't for James Young, Celtics probably wouldn't win that game!

Isaiah Thomas is playing through middle finger injury but he still got to score 23 points against Indiana Pacers on Saturday with 12 coming just in fourth quarter. It wasn't his best game and the injury probably bothered him a lot, especially in the first half but Thomas was once again big for the Celts in the crunchtime and closed the game on the free throw (14/15 for the game).

Kelly Olynyk posted 16 points, seven rebounds and four dimes in his 3rd game back from the shoulder injury but he certainly doesn't look like someone who just got back to the floor after months of not playing in basketball. His passing ability is great for the first unit and Olynyk might be staying in the starting five even though Al Horford is coming back soon.

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