Green Envy: What Pacers fans said- 11/12

It was about time the Celtics put together a complete game. A road win in Indiana will keep the Boston faithful happy, but Pacers fans are showing their frustration:


We get to see Vogel, Lebron & Westbrook in our next 3 games. Let's bring our A game ladies.

man, the clock operator must have some dirt on someone

pffft this team is NOT in condition wtf


playing like we care so far

I don't know, maybe the Pacers surprise us and whoop the Celtics by 30. Reply fail.

Myles got knocked around a little bit last game, have to keep telling myself he is only 20 and will beef up.

I hope we do a switch here and have Thad on Olynyk and Myles on Amir. Our defense suck ass, and if we have to take Myles out of the paint it will suck ass + balls.

Ok. Hope fatigue doesn’t set in until after the game.

missing bunnies...

Tom Thacker said he could tell the pacers players don’t get along.

Pacers look stuck in mud

Wasted 5 on 4.

Blessing in disguise.

Well, that sucked.

Well…I have aids. I hope you’re kidding.
yea, just wanted to keep the wells going. should have went with something else lol

How poopy.

Whoa….lead. Had a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses ring the doorbell. What did I miss? your salvation?

Another foul Where Indiana has gotten nothing but ball.

Re-write Important thing is he’s making the shots and doesn't have aids.

Any possession where Myles doesn't touch the ball is a wasted possession

So.. uh. Why is Allen playing? Is Young hurt?

Monta has knack for doing something wrong

I don't know who's going to score

And they can’t rebound/get stops. It’s a really bad combination.

I think I’ve had enough of small guards.

all tuckered out

Brad Stephens about to draw up some crazy plays. Best timeout coach?

Jesus These officials just gifting Boston free points with these bogus fouls

No seriously did Thad piss in someones gatorade? least the schedual gets easy now....

Easy….that’s the word they used to describe the first 10 games, right?

Soooo... Is this an encouraging game or discouraging? They don’t have their 2nd best player and wherever Horford ranks. Heyyyyy, I kid, I kid. We don’t have Paul.

Discouraging Got guys who can score, but I don’t trust anyone to score. Don’t get Lavoy over Thad either. Is that a pure defensive decision cause that didn’t work out too well.

one big problem with hiring a new coach and then failing miserably
is it ruins any shot we had at luring a star here (if there ever was one). At least with Vogel we had an established coach who had a good rep around the league, now we have a washed up rerun who hasn’t proven he can be a head coach after multiple chances.

Took my whole family to this game. So enraging. Apparently Isaiah Thomas is as good as the original Isaiah Thomas. Or at least we made him look that good.

On the bright side, the Colts are on a bye week, so this is likely the last time we'll be disappointed this weekend

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