Green Envy: What Nets fans said - 11/23

The Boston Celtics beat the Brooklyn Nets 107-92 after a complete team effort that featured a little scrappiness on the behalf of Marcus Smart. After jumping out to a 30-16 lead after the first quarter, Boston let Brooklyn back into the game and got outscored 33-21 in the second frame. The second half was a totally different story as the C's played great team defense and forced Brooklyn into several turnovers, 19 to be exact. Here's what Nets fans had to say about the game:

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Playing like people who just got their new gym pass and walked onto the basketball court out of curiosity and got themselves into a pickup game that needed a few players to start.

Foye in at PG. Here comes the collapse guys. Prepare yourself

Fuck seriously these fucking green cunts holy shit, absolute cancer of a franchise.

Comeback in the second quarter

Single digits now, which is a miracle given the horrible way they started the game.

Terrible low energy start, but we're getting into this one.

Look what happens when you play a little defense

If had that many on one night’s performance, my woman would be very happy!

Bogs and Booker has made this a game again.

Only down 2. Can still win this!

What a comeback from a terrible 1st quarter. Only down by 2 now, when Nets were down by as much as 18. Now about that 3rd quarter...

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Jesus fuck.

Our defense sucks soo much.

I think our defense is still bad just the Celtics aren't hitting their shots. That & we're committing too many turnovers and not hitting shots.

Man, we collapse too much on the inside.

I would rather let them score a 2 than a 3.

Sheesh, we can't buy a bucket but it's still very early.


Nets play a good third quarter plz plz plz

Guys remember. lopez will only play another 12-15 minutes this game. Kenny will go to his all bench lineup in the 3rd and we will loose that quarter. We will fight back in the 4th but it wont be enough. This is my prophecy. This is our truth.
Loving this intensity

tied game!

There's the 3rd quarter we all know.

Are you kidding me, Hamilton?!

ARGGHHHHH blown lay up and give up at the othere end.

Our bench let this game slip.

Just when I thought they might not melt down in the 3Q. Missing bunnies on O and turnstile defense.

Tommy Heinsohn is a fat, homerific slob

Whenever Scola is doing iso dribbles, there's an 80% chance he's going to either miss the shot or turn over the ball.

Welp.. looks like this game is probably done.

I propose Kilpatricks new nickname be Kill la Kill

can't help but think this would be easy if Lin was here :(

Kilpatrick going into Harden mode

I'm a Celtics fan and Booker always seems to kill us. Has he been consistent this year?

I'm already depressed as is

perimeter defense is such a joke with this team.

did they really practice defense with guys who cant defend a lick?

This is looking like a 20 win team. Yes, Lin back will help to get it to maybe 28 wins. Maybe.

BRB going to down a bottle of Hennessy

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