Green Envy: What Mavericks fans said - 11/16

A win is a win for the Celtics, but apparently for the Mavericks, so is a loss (really, Dallas? You're excited about tanking after just 10 games into the season?). Mavs fans were rather gracious to Celtic players, but were very hostile with their own (poor Wes Matthews got absolutely hammered by these people). Here's some of the best things Dallas fans were saying throughout their loss to the Celtics:

Top Three

MavsProTip: Games are more enjoyable if you don’t pay attention to the score.

Tank Commander Wes has his eyes on the prize

Some players look to get a triple-double,
Deron Williams is working on a triple-zero.
0pts, 0reb, 0ast. I’m fairly certain my fat @ss could go out there and get that stat line.

Play of the Game: Avery Bradley game-sealing dunk from a through-the-legs pass by Isaiah Thomas

Thomas. Wow


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This season Is just comedy gold

I get really excited when we're down only single digits

I forgot that Wes can actually make a basket sometimes

Wes just stops the 2 vs 1 fastbreak...I’m done.

Ha Deron out again. I’m not sure that’s bad for us.

The Mavs. A professional NBA team. Where the entire payroll is 100 million plus. Only scored 31 points in 24 minutes of basketball.
Are you ******* kidding me?


What the crap is up with Gerald Green's hair?

Gerald Green- the Javale McGee of shooting guards

Boston is overrated...should be blowing us out…

They are not that good. Marcus Smart simply was not a good pick.

**** Boston how can you lose to our shitty team.

I even saw that **** on the TV!!! I knew Bradley stepped out of bounds.

Good loss! Held them to under 100

Perfect game. Barnes plays great, Mavs keep it close, Mavs lose for high draft pick. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

P.S. If Mark Cuban had been mic'd up for this game, we surely could've had an entire Green Envy dedicated to his comments alone.

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