Al Horford out tonight versus the Miami Heat for the birth of his daughter

Al Horford is going to miss another game, it seems.

Celtics fans can breathe a sigh of relief (or frustration, depending on your point of view), because the concussion that kept Horford out of nine games this season isn’t the cause - his wife is.

OK, that's not fair - technically it's half his fault, too. More accurately, his wife giving birth to the couple’s first daughter (and second child) is the reason he’ll be away for the night, but according to coach Brad Stevens, will immediately return to the team for practice on Tuesday.

Boston will likely miss Horford against one of the league’s best rebounding bigs (Hassan Whiteside) in tonight's matchup with the Miami Heat, but it's hard to fault a guy for wanting to be there for the birth of his kid - even after his unexpected two week absence. Congratulations, Al - hopefully we can find a way to get some Geno Time going to celebrate, though it's sure to be harder without you.

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Photo via the Boston Herald
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