The NBA preseason should be cut in half

The NBA preseason is just too long. In reality it is only 2 weeks of our time, but the Celtics played 7 games in that time, and used some to rest starters and certain players. Yes, it's useful to try to sift through who is in and who is out at the bottom of your bench. Sure, it can help find out who the fringe of your starting lineup or rotation will be. But you could find those things out in 4 games rather than 7 or 8. Brad Stevens agrees.

Like the NFL, I think you can learn who DOESN'T belong in the preseason, rather than who does belong. After a couple of game you figure that out and the preseason turns into the "try not to get injured-season". The C's almost made it all the way through without any injuries until Marcus Smart sprained his ankle last night, though it doesn't seem to be too severe.

So really the preseason is me watching (maybe), hoping nobody gets hurt, not knowing who is going to play, not reliably being able to gamble on it, and knowing at any given time the majority of the players on the court don't give a shit as well. Awesome.

We already have a too long regular season, a long postseason if you're lucky enough, Olympics and international competition in many of the off-seasons (many of which get skipped by players that cite too many games and miles put on their bodies). The NBA should spare us all the torture and cut the preseason slate in half.

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