Isaiah Thomas is recruiting DeMarcus Cousins...again?

Right before the start of regular season, there’s always a flurry of small moves as teams sort out their regular season rosters. Big trades at this time of year, however, are the exception, so skepticism is in order when you hear (again) about the possibility of the Sacramento Kings moving DeMarcus Cousins.

In a recent conversation with Mitch Lawrence of The Sporting News, Boston’s Isaiah Thomas touched on the possibility of such a move resulting in Cousins ending up with the Celtics:

“If he came to Boston, that would be good, really good … The thing is, I’ve got his respect. I’ve always had that … When I was with him, I didn’t back down … I’m a point guard and that was my job. No matter if we did or didn’t get along off the court, on that court we were going to get along, and I was going to hold him accountable. That’s just how it is. It’s how I’ve always been. And he respects me for doing that.”

It’s hard to say on the surface of it if there’s any smoke to the fire of such a move, though, which has been rumored before - more than once. Lawrence does make a solid case the situation is not likely to stabilize merely through the arrival of the latest shining knight of a coach (Dave Joerger) to ride into the hot mess of a situation that is the Kings organization, but there’s little to suggest that the continued travails in Sacramento will or even should result in Cousins being moved to the Celts.

As always, it’s worth keeping tabs on the situation with a player of this caliber, but for now, there are more realistic (yet still far-fetched) situations to consider as well, such as the LaMarcus Aldridge rumors, and small moves to get to 15 guaranteed contracts. Don't put too much stock in this just yet, but we'll be keeping an eye on the situation in Sacramento just in case.

Photo via Rocky Widner/Getty
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