Green Envy: What Nets fans said-10/26

The Boston Celtics defeated the Brooklyn Nets 122-117. The C's broke away from Brooklyn in the third quarter, only to see their 20-point lead slip away through the fourth. It came down to a one possession game, but Boston ended up prevailing on the defensive side of the ball and got the win. Though the team lacked any real poise down the stretch, this first win of the season can be a learning experience for the young second-unit that allowed the Nets back into the game. Let's take a look at what Nets fans were saying as the game developed!

Top Three

"We have no picks this year, f*ck it, run wild with 3s"- Coach Atkinson

Jaylen Brown looks like he time traveled from the 90’s

If Atkinson is putting brook in the corner to shoot 3s all game, then he should use Luis Scola as the point guard and have Lin post up down low where he can rebound. Don't forget our spanking new SG Hamilton

Early Season Optimism

Im starting the season sober. We’ll see how long that lasts…

Came here to say I hope everyone is excited about this season! It has been REALLY tough to be a Nets fan for the last two years. If anyone deserves some good breaks and a team they can be proud of, it’s all of you!

To all my Nets friends...Remember these days when we have a parade in Brooklyn in 2022!

I just checked the standings, we are leading the Atlantic division!

I want the Nets to emulate the Celtics...A team that keeps coming at you, that will never quit and makes you to not look forward to play against it. #BrooklynGrit

Brook, be dominant. Lin, be aggressive. Bogs, be a scorer. Rondae, play D. Harris, hit your shots. Booker, rebound.

Harsh Early Game Realizations

This Brook thing is a problem...He really hasn’t looked good. If he can’t play in this offense, then Atkinson needs to change things up.

This offense looks like my little brother playing 2k. And this defense is non-existent.

This defense is terrible! Talk about over committing.

We look like trash now! 1st quarter was fun though

Jaylen Brown should have been our pick sigh...

Fire Atkinson..We couldn’t even make it to halftime of the 1st game

Mandatory Complaints about Officiating

Obvious foul on Lopez smh..Refs already starting

These calls are truly surprising, but I feel like I shouldn’t be shocked at all. Life as a Nets fan… Even the refs have no respect for us.

Refs been severely one sided, must be Billy King supporters

So they fouled TWO of our guys at once...And they get to go to the line? Go F yourself, refs!

Zeller just bulldozed our guys and gets to go to the line, that’s BS

4real celtics get every call except for 2 fouls and all I have to hear is"RHJ getting bailed","Ohhh thats a no call!" Worst feed around the league.

I hope these refs have other skills because they have no right to officiate NBA games. This is a joke and they are so in favor of Boston it’s not even funny.

Brooklyn Nets vs. Boston Refs

Full Slate

Is Hamilton's shooting a fluke? 14 off the bench??? Whoda thunk it!

Offense is fun to watch, but the defense is atrocious. I have a feeling that will be the story of the season.

Wow that Asian women and the bowls! Talent!

..why isn't Brook starting the second half?

Lopez must be hurt

That's the second time that Amir did something like that to Scola. Earlier he tried to bring Scola down with him while he was falling.

Is Blo on the bench? Cant see with this god awful feed. Bottom line, as much as I don’t want to admit it, I don’t think Lopez is ending this season as a Net. I know it’s one game, but my gut tells me he won’t adapt to Motion-O.

I want Lopez to grab IT and shake him

No no lets all blame the refs, they only have 90 points with a few min left in the third, shooting like 57 percent

3 after 3 after 3 after 3...And Scola and RHJ are part of that as well. They have no business shooting 3’s consistently.

Lopez needs to go to Marks and say give me the damn ball or trade me. NOW

Why can’t we ever play a good 3rd quarter

Why do i feel every team will shoot 70% against us

Joe Harris - I like what I'm seeing

This game's over. Lost all momentum and the bench D is horrendous. Oh well...

Wouldn't be the season opener if we weren’t getting blown out by the celtics!

I'm not watching, but reading these comments, i’m frightened

If it makes you guys feel better. The Warriors lost to the Spurs by 29 last night.

Boston slept on the scrubs! 8 point game

Heart. You may lose every game. but never quit

Is anyone seeing whitehead stick to thomas like glue? hey couldn't get him the ball


Turned off the game, can anyone fill me in on how we made this a game?

Hey if the Nets can fight like this every night, they CAN make the playoffs

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