Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown are working out together in California

Marcus Smart and rookie Jaylen Brown have been getting know each other quite well over the past few days. The two young stars have been working out together in California with Maine Red Claws Coach Scott Morrison and Celtics assistant coaches Micah Shrewsberry and Brandon Bailey. Morrison detailed how much Smart is helping Brown grow and that the two constantly battle each other during practice. Via Jay King of

"Marcus has been great," Morrison added, "because he shares his knowledge with Jaylen and says, 'Hey, in the league this isn't going to work,' or, 'Guys are going to do this when you do this.' Like I said, (Brown has) been real good to just listen and pick it up but he doesn't back down either. He'll try to compete with Marcus and both guys are out there to win, but also out there to help each other which has been great.

"Marcus isn't going to give up any easy buckets, even in August. Jaylen's a strong kid, getting stronger, but Marcus has that man strength you can't teach. Getting in the weight room, or just trying to move him, or set a screen in drills, I know I'm coming home with a few bruises every night too."

Morrison also addressed Brown's poise and eagerness to learn the little things about the NBA game:

"He looks like a veteran pro, not a 19-year-old kid, that's for sure," said the Red Claws coach, who spends a lot of time around the Celtics to maximize the affiliation between the two teams. "And skill-wise, since we've been out here I think he's shown a great deal of potential. A lot of people are asking how his shot looks, things like that. I think he has great potential as a shooter and he's explosive to the rim, and he's improving his finishing. Probably the biggest and most important thing is he picks up things quick and he wants to learn, which is a key for anybody who has to develop."

It's great to hear these two studs working on their games together. Brown has all the physical tools to be great in the NBA and it's all about learning the fundamentals. Now as a two year veteran, Smart is a great teacher for Brown especially on the defensive side of things. Both have a thing or two to learn offensively, especially in terms of shooting, but they also share the amazing ability to be strong defenders

Both are two of the strongest players at their positions in the league and with their length, size and strength, they are defensively way beyond their years. Now it's all about putting it all together in order to become better shooters and offensive players. The future is bright and I'm looking forward to watching these two play together soon.

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