Report: Celtics have made "significant progress" on a trade for star player

After Jared Sullinger's qualifying offer was rescinded, it seemed like a bigger play from Danny Ainge might be in the works. From Dan Lifshatz of 98.5, some hints that something might be brewing on the trade front for the Celtics:

A player Celtics fans will like. Not Jahlil Okafor. Intriguing.

Lifshatz works with Felger and Mazz and isn't someone typically linked to breaking Celtics news. But with Ainge calling into 98.5 regularly, it's certainly possible that a producer at the Sports Hub would have access to inside information. The tweets are 12 hours old, but this story hasn't picked up much traction as of yet.

Hopefully there's more news to follow as the Celtics try to shape their roster around recent free agent signing Al Horford.

Photo Credit Matthew Lee Boston Globe