Kevin Durant Update: ESPN is reporting that Durant is deciding between the Thunder and Warriors

The news coming out tonight hasn't been very good from a Boston perspective. Multiple ESPN writers are saying it's down to the Warriors and Thunder. Celtics fans are hoping the reports are false, just like Woj's Yahoo report that Al Horford was likely going to re-sign with the Hawks was then proven false a few minutes later on Saturday.

If Durant chooses Golden State I'd be more disappointed, and I'd wonder if the NBA hadn't changed Draymond Green's foul to a flagrant one necessitating a suspension after LeBron whined about it, if Durant's choice would have been us. No way Durant could jump ship to the back-to-back reigning champion Warriors. But once Green's absence allowed the Cavs to win Game 5 in Oakland and take the series, Durant going to the Warriors became a plausible move.

Durant tweet from back during the LeBron Decision days

Personally I think it's the wrong move. And if Durant ever gets ticked about Russell Westbrook taking some shots that should be his, imagine how it will be like sharing one ball with Curry, Klay, and Green. My guess is Durant will choose to stay with the Thunder. For what it's worth, A. Sherrod Blakely is still reporting that the Celtics are being seriously considered.

No one outside of Boston is really giving the Celtics a realistic shot at Durant at this point. Ian Thomsen put our odds at 1% Reality is unless these ESPN reporters have talked directly to Durant, we can't know for sure until he makes his pick tomorrow. I'd definitely put our chances at considerably above 1%, but there was a point in time on Sunday when I truly started believing we had a really good shot. Now it's more of a long shot. Kind of like the NBA lottery, which hasn't been kind to us. Maybe we'll get a pleasant, amazing surprise tomorrow.

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