Celtics top Larry Sanders' "Where Should I Play" poll

So this afternoon in a very "Larry Sanders-ish" move, former Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders tweeted out this:

We touched on the possibility of bringing Sanders in recently and the sentiment remains the same. He fills a pretty significant need as a young (27 years old) defensive, rim protecting, starting caliber center.

It's also worth noting that Sanders also tweeted out poll with a second batch of teams but the C's still pulled in a majority of the votes.

Poll 1 results:   Celtics - 39%
                       Cavaliers - 29%
                       Knicks - 17%
                       Warriors - 15%

Poll 2 results:   Bucks - 34%
                       Mavericks - 27%
                       Lakers - 24%
                       Heat - 15%

Sanders walked away from the game after his second marijuana-related suspension and additionally cited anxiety and depression causing him to lose focus and passion. If a re-energized and rejuvenated Larry Sanders is available, He should absolutely be a target for the Celtics.

If Sanders is serious about a return and has his mind right, I think he's definitely worth a look at the right price. The reputation of this locker room and the chance to come in and contribute right away could be a real breath of fresh air for the talented big man.

Photo Credit: Edwin Khu/CelticsLife

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