Celtics still searching for shooters, looking at Chase Budinger

The Celtics have been trying to address their two major needs this offseason: shooting, and a need for a center. But Brad Stevens has suggested that the priority might be on finding some shooters over a center:

While trade rumors have indicated Danny Ainge is looking for fireworks, it's possible he could also be targeting some smaller fish too:

Chase Budinger has shot a career .352 from beyond the arc over seven years in the league. If you played with him in 2k, you think of him as a Steph Curry-level-shooter, (seriously, he's almost more accurate when you're fading away from half court), but the 27-year-old isn't *that* good. Budinger hasn't cracked 100 threes in a season over the course of his career, but he hasn't been given more than 20 minutes a game since 2014.

He also used to be a star volleyball player in high school. And he can kind of look like a leprechaun sometimes, which means he might fit really well on the Celtics, and he likely would come pretty cheap.

If Ainge and the C's can't make a huge splash before the season starts, snagging Budinger could be a good move to add some perimeter shooting and a solid option off the bench.

Topher Lane is on Twitter, @Topher_L. Photo credit: Jim Davis/Boston Globe.