Celtics have 4th-best odds to win 2016-17 NBA title, Vegas may think there's still a major trade coming

When Kevin Durant chose to sign with the Warriors, they immediately became overwhelming title favorites for next season.  However, compared to the rest the league, the Celtics odds are quite good:

The 18/1 number may be a little too good--Bovada has the C's at 20/1 and VegasInsiders lists them at 30/1.  Regardless, Boston owns the fourth-best championship odds for 2016-17 behind only Golden State, Cleveland and San Antonio.

The C's are aided greatly by the fact that they play in the Eastern Conference.  After Cleveland at 2/5, Isaiah Thomas, Al Horford and company are the second-best bet in the East at 5/1 (both per Bovada).  Durant joining the Warriors also made them 2/5 to take the Western Conference.  Before KD's move, Boston had the 6th-best title odds, behind the Thunder and Clippers as well.  Oklahoma City's chances obviously plummeted, and Golden State's new stranglehold on the West allowed the Celtics to jump in front of LA.

It's hard to imagine the Celts current roster being considered among the top four favorites to win a championship next year.  They seem more like a squad that could be the second seed in the East if a few things break right, as apposed to the clear-cut No. 2 team in the conference.  Boston's chances of making a major deal this summer are almost certainly a factor in the club's title odds at the moment.

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