Video: How the Boston Celtics drafted Paul Pierce

CSNNE put up this solid video on the 1998 drafting of Paul Pierce. With the draft only 2 days away, now is a good time to look back to the last time the Celtics drafted a superstar. Of course Rick Pitino was calling the shots back then. Hopefully Danny Ainge can finally draft his superstar on Thursday.

I had heard of the story of the Mavs getting tipped off to the Celtics interest in Dirk, but never knew about the part about Chris Wallace being bitter at Jackie MacMullan for writing about Pitino's visit. MacMullan is dismissive of her story's influence on the Mavs in this video, but who knows if Dirk would have been a Celtic if not for the Globe article. Pierce arguably ended up with just as good a career as Dirk, so in the ended it didn't affect the Celtics that much. But what if Pierce wasn't still own the board? Look at the hot garbage that was picked in the rest of Round 1?