Eye On The Draft: Marquese Chriss

Danny Ainge doesn't really care what the "experts" say on who should be picked and where. One thing you'll hear after EVERY Ainge draft is "We had him much higher on our board." So while we have a consensus top 2 in this draft and then we've heard of the second tier of Bender, Dunn, Brown, Murray and Hield, another name that keeps popping up in regards to the Celtics is Washington's Marquese Chriss.

Like Dragan Bender,  Chriss is super young and raw at age 18 and would be a swing for the fences pick. He's also a guy Danny might be able to trade down a few spots for, but if he truly wants Chriss he might not  want to risk it and instead simply draft him at #3. The "experts" would probably kill us the night of the draft and the ensuing days, but who cares. If Chriss ends up better than the other 5 prospects in the long run that's all that matters. Click on the following two links for his DraftExpress strengths and weaknesses videos.

I'm sure Isaiah would be happy with the Celtics drafting a player from Washington. What are your thoughts on Chriss?

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