Extensions for Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge are right moves for the future, and for free agency

While the Boston Celtics have many movable pieces on their roster, no one is more important to keep around than the man on the sidelines, Brad Stevens.

The Celtics announced this past Wednesday that Stevens and general manager Danny Ainge were given extensions on their contracts. While the specific details of the contracts have not been disclosed at this point, it is rumored that Stevens will be locked up for a further three years on top of the three he is still has.

For those who aren’t mathematical wizards, Stevens is here for at least another six seasons. Here's what Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck had to say via Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston:

"It's the principal job of ownership to find the very best people to run the basketball side -- to find them, recruit them, bring them in and offer them all the support and encouragement we can and retain them by creating an environment where they want to stay. These conversations happened recently, very forthrightly. There was great interest on both sides. They were easy conversations. It just represented a great re-commitment from Brad and Danny to the Celtics."

Signing Stevens to an extension was the biggest move this offseason for the C’s, even if they do miraculously sign Kevin Durant.

Forget about the draft and trades for a moment and think about how fortunate Celtics fans are. There is stability and harmony in Boston with Ainge and Stevens guiding us to the promise land. There is comfort in stability and consistency, especially when success becomes a regularity. Sure, the Celtics have been knocked out of the playoffs in the first round in consecutive seasons, but there is optimism surrounding this team.

Having Stevens and Ainge around for the long haul should garner attention from potential free agents. Why? Because there is no drama! Just look at a franchise like the Sacramento Kings, arguably the most dysfunctional team in the NBA.

Are you telling me that a free agent would want to go there over a peaceful Eden like Boston? Here's Ainge's take on the Celtics front office via Forsberg.
"This foundation we have is very unique in the world we live in -- the pressure-packed, public world in pro sports. The fact that we have such great unity with ownership I think is unique. I value that premium. It's a great working environment, I have a great relationship here, stronger trust, year in and year out. As we work together I believe great things will happen in Celtics history.

"Our negotiation was basically, 'Danny, do you want to stay?' [and I said,] 'Wyc, do you want me to stay?' We had a 10- or 15-minute negotiation, and then our focus turned to Brad."

Ainge is a mastermind who can fleece any executive in the league in a trade while Stevens is on his way to becoming the next Gregg Popovich. Despite being just 39 years old, he has the respect of players and coaches around the league.

More from Grousbeck:

"[The extension are not] a move for any short-term reasons. This is a move for the future of the Boston Celtics, hopefully for banner No. 18 and beyond."

In a letter to season-ticket holders announcing the contract extensions, Grousbeck said, "With the commitment to success that Danny and Brad have displayed through their contract extensions, a talented core of players, and a multitude of draft picks over the next few years, we are well-positioned as we work tirelessly to raise our next banner together."

This isn’t just about banner #18. As Wyc said, keeping Stevens and Ainge is about banners #19, #20 "and beyond".

Free agents want to go to a team that is ready to win and win for an extended period of time. There is no other franchise with a history of winning better than the Celtics and with the exception of the San Antonio Spurs, there is not a better general manager-head coach pairing than the Celtics.

Al Horford, Durant and every player whose contract is up this summer, look to the East. The TD Garden's doors are open for you.

To watch videos and reactions from Stevens and Ainge on their extensions, here's some videos of their press conference.

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