Resident Celtics moron Gary Tanguay thinks Boston should trade 3rd pick AND Smart for Okafor

Not just the 3rd pick, but the 3rd pick and Marcus Smart. While others have speculated whether trading #3 is worth it to get a player like Okafor, Tanguay thinks we should throw in Marcus Smart as well. Says it's a slam dunk. In the new NBA where you need your center to either be able to stretch the floor or to defend and block shots, Okafor does neither. Okafor would be a solid pick-up... if this was 20 years ago. Would I take Okafor? Sure, he's better than Sully, but would I trade the #3 pick and Smart for him? That
s crazy talk.

Also I love how Tanguay gives props to Isaiah Thomas as the point guard of the team after saying previously he should come off the bench. As great as Isaiah is he will never be a great defender. Not a problem as long as you surround him with very good defenders. Subtracting our best one in Smart and then also adding a defensive sieve at the 5 would hurt our defense tremendously. So in conclusion Tanguay thinks it's a no brainer for the Celtics to make a trade that would hurt us defensively and mess up our spacing offensively. Oh yeah and also trade our highest pick in 20 years.

It would be awesome if the Celtics cable channel only employed "experts" that actually understand the game of basketball. Not just wannabe Stephen A. Smith's yelling nonsense.