Marcus Smart loved the fight the Celtics showed this season, hopes free agents recognize it

The Boston Celtics season ended in a bit of a disappointment with their first round exit. Sure, there were injuries. Yes, they got royally screwed by some horsecrap tiebreaker system, ruining the vibe after one of their best wins of the season against the Miami Heat. Despite the loss, and despite the injuries and bad luck, one thing that was a constant with Brad Stevens and this team however, was their fight.

Marcus Smart is one of the Celtics that most epitomizes their fight, and their desire to compete. Though he is just barely 22 years old he already has earned my trust, and I assume the trust of most Celtics observers, in that he is going to earn his paycheck and take on any challenge thrown his way.

Yes, I'm the guy who eviscerated Smart for his flopping (one of the things I find most annoying in the entire league), but the flopping is such small potatoes when compared to the tone he sets and the fight he brings, along with all the other positives he provides. Besides Smart, the entire team showed a lot of heart all season long, and that heart is one of the things he'll remember about this team, as well as one of the things he believes will attract potential free agents.

This is the type of team with the type of attitude that a superstar or star free agent should be salivating to play for. A team full of guys willing to do the dirty work who will always have your back has got to sound attractive to some of them. Mix in a little Brad Stevens, as well as what a great tradition and city they would walk into, and I think we have something. Your move Danny. Marcus Smart, Celtic Nation, and myself can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

Photo Credit: David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports

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