Kelly Olynyk says he wasn't 100%, may need surgery on his shoulder, will let C's know this week

Everyone knew when watching Kelly Olynyk try to play during the playoffs, that his shoulder was limiting him and he was never 100%. Brad Stevens put KO in almost out of desperation in trying to get a guy who could shoot open shots to spread the floor a bit to break scoring woes. Unfortunately, Olynyk's shoulder was much worse than we all thought and he proved to be pretty ineffective during his stints in the series against the Hawks. Now we have learned that Olynyk might possibly even have surgery on his shoulder:

While surgery doesn't seem like the necessary option here, it might be best for Olynyk to go that right. His shot never returned to form when he gave it a go and he looked very timid at times when trying to rebound, possibly afraid of re-aggrivating that shoulder. Obviously I'm not doctor and we will learn whether or not he will need surgery soon, it wouldn't surprise me to see him take that route. For big guys, shoulders are a big issue with how much they bang around in the paint and with Olynyk being a shooter as well, it seems like a sensible route.

At the times when he was put in the game to matchup against Al Horford and Paul Millsap, Olynyk couldn't get his shot going which affected the rest of his offense as they began to close down on him forcing him to go inside, which isn't his game. When Kelly is hot shooting the ball, there are few big guys who are better than him at knocking it down. However, it's clear that his injury was debilitating and his abilities were limited. Hopefully this offseason and possibly surgery can fix that problem and he'll be ready to go.

Image Credit: Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports
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