CelticsLife Exclusive: The music video Marcus Smart filmed at UMass starring his cousin Trey Davis

Two weeks ago, Marcus Smart created a bit of a stir on Twitter by appearing on campus at UMass Amherst to film a music video:

The video is now out and we've got it here first on CelticsLife, as well as the inside scoop courtesy of @bciarcello (Smart appears at the 1:02 mark, again at 1:17 and multiple times between 1:45 and 1:50):

Minutemen point guard and aspiring artist Trey Davis is Smart's cousin:

Here are a few pictures from the shoot, the photo of the white hat is Davis' album cover:

Photos via @j.nassh

Apparently there will be several more videos on the way this summer, with Smart rumored to play a bigger role in many of them--and possibly even some other Celtics as well.

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