CelticsLife Awards 2015-16: Best Performance by a Duo (Assist of the Year)

Apologies if I missed any (and I'm sure I did), but here are the top 5 Celtics assists from 2015-16:

Home-run passes

Jared Sullinger (rolling on the floor) to Isaiah Thomas vs. the Wizards on November 6:

Sullinger on the receiving end, from Marcus Smart just before halftime against the Bucks on April 8:

Kelly Olynyk alley-oops

Also from the April 8 Bucks game, an Olynyk tip-steal to Evan Turner, followed by a long outlet to Avery Bradley then quickly back to K.O. for the jam (this one falls under the "Best Performance by a Duo or Group" category):

Turner to Olynyk from half court, vs. the Hawks on December 18:


Another spectacular assist against the Bucks, this time from February 25.  Isaiah Thomas' Rondo-like behind-the-head pass to Jae Crowder for an open three-pointer in the corner is dominating our awards season.  It took the No. 1 spot among Isaiah's Top 10 plays of the year, and was a finalist for the Celtics' best play of the season as well:

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