Celtics plan to meet with Kevin Durant in the offseason, hope for fireworks this summer

With the Celtics season now over, many have turned their thoughts towards the looming offseason and a summer that can change the landscape of the NBA. The biggest name that the Celts have been connected to is Kevin Durant and with KD being a free agent, it's not surprise to see Danny Ainge gearing up to make a run at signing the superstar. This summer, the Cs are hoping to meet with Durant but know that they have to make some enticing moves in order to make Boston look like "THE" destination for Durant. Via Chris Mannix of Yahoo! Sports:

Ainge will be aggressive in free agency, team sources told The Vertical, and yes, that means a run at Kevin Durant. The Celtics believe Durant will meet with them this summer, but they know that meeting won’t accomplish much unless there are significant moves leading into it. Durant will be 28 in September, and the former MVP isn’t interested in hearing what a team could someday become. He wants to win now, which is why Golden State and San Antonio expect to be appealing, why Oklahoma City is still very much in play. Boston needs a deal for Jimmy Butler, a commitment from Al Horford, a carrot to dangle in front of Durant to persuade him that relocating east is the smart play.

Mannix also talked about how the Celtics could decide to continue building through the draft. However, based on Danny Ainge's reputation, a slower and more strenuous process to get back to the top of the NBA is highly unlikely:

Building through the draft is arduous, imprecise, but hey, look at the teams that do it. Golden State has a largely homegrown roster, San Antonio, too, while Portland is one win away from a trip to the second round with a couple of mid-major guards leading the way. There will be a franchise player in the top-five, perhaps one in the mid-first round – where Boston will have Dallas’ pick – as well, and the smart teams always find value in the 20s. Too many picks, not enough roster spots, blah, blah, blah, and yet who wouldn’t want to put promising talent in Stevens’ hands?

So many decisions, and these are the moments for which Ainge lives. Trade after trade has panned out, and Boston has inched closer to becoming a true threat to Cleveland as an Eastern Conference power. The next few months will put Boston on the path it will take for the next few years. The season is over, but there are so many reasons to be optimistic about the future. It’s on Ainge now. It’s his turn to deliver, again.

As the offseason approaches, rumors and whispers will continue to grow and the Celtics will be right at the top in being connected to various players. With what seems like a more and more likely scenario of Durant losing in the second round to San Antonio, the superstar forward is going to be looking at which of his options is best for his career going forward. Coming to Boston should be a top option on that list.

However, Ainge does need to make some big moves if he wants to entice Durant to come here. Signing a guy like Al Horford or trading for a guy like Jimmy Butler or DeMarcus Cousins would go a long way in convincing KD to sign with the Celtics. There's no way the Celtics can keep every single draft pick that they have in this years draft. Many of those picks could be on the move in order to acquire a superstar caliber player and that could possibly lead to the fulfillment of the dream of signing Kevin Durant.

As the offseason gets closer, we'll find out more and more and after the Draft, the picture of what the Celtics want to do will be much clearer. With arguably the most important offseason in a long time looming, the Celts are gearing up for what could be a franchise altering summer that could net them one of the best players in the NBA. I think I speak for all Cs fans when I say my fingers and my eyes are crossed in hopes of convincing one of the greatest scorers in NBA history to come to Boston. Show us what you're all about Danny! In Ainge We Trust.

Image Credit: Michael Dwyer/AP Photos
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