Brad Stevens talks NBA draft following lottery and the process the Celtics will take

Brad Stevens had a lengthy interview on WBZ NewsRadio this week following the lottery drawing (Listen to the audio below). My belief is that Stevens is really about just coaching the guys he has and making them better. So while I'm sure he would have liked to get one of the top two guys, he's not going to be less excited to coach who we draft at #3
“I’m just starting to watch them more closely. Danny has given me a list of seven or eight guys to really look at. We have so many other guys coming in with other pick opportunities, and we’ll see everyone come through. It’ll be hard for a true sleeper to get by us. It’s really a great opportunity with the number of picks we have, and where we are with that first pick,” said Stevens.

Whether Ainge decides to make the selection or include it, and others, in a potential trade for a veteran, Stevens is confident he’ll make the decision that is best for the organization.

“Whatever Danny and the front office decides, we’ll have vetted out and communicated all of our options, but I really trust them,” said Stevens. “My job is to coach whoever is here, and if that’s means you’re in enhancement mode with young players and helping them get them better, that’s what it means. If that means your roster is full of veterans and people have figured out their niche in the league, and have smaller improvements to make but are established players, then that’s what it is.”

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