30 Years in 30 Days: Day 28- Ebony the dog

For all you animal lovers out there, Len had his own dog, a jet-black Pit bull pup he named Ebony.  He amused his friends by placing a red leather collar, complete with spikes, on the tiny dog.  When he arrived back home from his trip to Boston the night of June 18th, Len was ecstatic, excitedly telling his dog “We’re going to Boston! We’re going to Boston!”  His mom Lonise remembers Len turned towards a mirror with the dog and said “Yup, me n’ Ebony’s going to Boston.”

Neither Len nor Ebony ever made it to Boston.

As for Ebony’s mom?  Her name was Lady Devour.  Her owner?  None other than Brian Tribble.  She had a litter and Tribble had offered Len one of the pups which he accepted.

28 Seasons Before: 1958-59, Celtics win NBA championship
28 Seasons After: 2013-14, Celtics fail to qualify for the playoffs.