Not looking like Kelly Olynyk will take the court in Game 3

The Celtics need shooting. Kelly Olynyk was missed in Game 2. The Celtics have shot 16-63 (25%) from three point land so far in their Round 1 matchup with the Atlanta Hawks. Kelly Olynyk shot 40% this year from deep. So is he going to come back?

That does not sound overly promising.

With Brad Stevens suggesting that there could be potential lineup changes in store, will he just start small and go with Thomas/Smart/Turner/Crowder/Johnson? Will Rozier and Hunter both get some time again? Will Crowder come back to life? And can we just put Jerebko in the starting lineup and spread the floor early?

Regardless of what the responses might be to those questions above, it's looking more and more like the Celtics won't have Kelly Olynyk as a potential answer to their shooting woes.

Game 3 is at the TD Garden tomorrow night at 8PM.

Photo Credit Mike Lawrie Getty Images