Nobody is picking the Celtics to win any end of the year honors

Isaiah Thomas All-NBA? Evan Turner Sixth Man of the Year? Jae Crowder Most Improved? Avery Bradley First Team All-Defense? Marcus Smart Second Team All-Defense? Jae Crowder, what about you for some sort of All-Defense? Brad Stevens, Coach of the Year?
No. No. No. No. No. No. Aaaaaaaaand no.

At least that's what the experts are saying.

While ESPN gave the Smart, Bradley, Crowder triumvirate an honorable mention for the defensive teams (which is not really a thing), experts from far and wide rejected the notion of Celtics receiving end of the year honors.

Somehow Brad Stevens isn't in his top-3 for Coach of the Year.

You can also add Marc Stein, Zach Lowe, and Kevin Pelton to the list of pundits not rewarding any Celtics on their end of the year awards ballots.

While you can certainly make a case for any of the Celtics, none of them were shoe-ins for end of the year love. Isaiah probably has the best case to be named a top-15 player. It's surprising that Evan Turner's candidacy didn't get more traction, but that's the problem with being a jack-of-all-trades. Bradley, Smart, and Crowder defend so well together, it's tough for any of them to stand out from the pack. Terry Stotts turned a blatantly tanking team into a playoff bound one, and overshadows Stevens in the "making sweet, sweet lemonade when your GM gives you lemons" subcategory of Coach of the Year candidates.

Regardless, the Celtics have some bulletin board material heading into the playoffs. Nobody believes in you! You hear that Isaiah? Nobody!

Now go prove people wrong this postseason.

Photo Credit Jason Getz USA Today Sports