Marcus Smart fined $5,000 for the floppingest flop thats ever flopped

In response to one of the most embarrassing flops ever witnessed this side of LeBron James, the NBA decided to give a $5,000 fine to the Celtics' Marcus Smart. By now we've all seen the flop heard round the world, but just in case, here it is below.

This shit is getting out of control, and has been for a while. If you ask me, the talk should have been about suspending Marcus Smart for game 4 instead of Isaiah Thomas. Flopping is one of the most frustrating things to watch in basketball, and Smart is one of the worst at it.

I get it, players are always going to flop to some extent, and even that admission infuriates me, but for the love of god pick your spots Marcus! His flop attempts consistently draw more laughs than whistles, and it hasn't taken long for him to get a reputation with referees that will take years to get rid of, if he's even interested in that.

What makes it worse is that he is one of the tougher guards in the league. He should be the guy steamrolling other guards and forcing them to flop. Come on Marcus, just be a bull and knock off this crap. I'm not the only one who thinks you have a problem.

I'm betting Danny, a master instigator in his day who certainly wasn't above a flop in the least, is even shocked at some of these acrobatic exaggerations. In a post by's Jay King, Smart gave his response to the flop and fine.

"I believe every player that plays is just trying to do everything he can to help his team," Smart said. "Just make the plays. You just go out there. You know you're going out there and playing hard and giving it your all and you just try to do anything you can in your power that you can do to help your team."

I mean technically he's probably right? But that's a spin floppers and cheaters have been putting on their actions for years. Let's make a deal Marcus. You can still get a flop or two per game in, but their degree of ridiculousness needs to drop from a 10 to a 4. Deal?

Photo Credit: USATSI

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