Kent Bazemore defends Al Horford's honor by comparing him to Jesus

Tommy Heinsohn is on the Atlanta Hawks radar after saying that All-Star forward Al Horford is "not a great player." Heinsohn's remarks have to be taken with a grain of salt because:
a. It's Tommy Heinsohn
b. It's Playoff Tommy Heinsohn

The man bleeds green and isn't impressed by Horford's 24 points, 12 rebounds, and 2 blocks. Clearly, Heinsohn wants to just put Dave Cowens on Horford and call it a day. Whatever.

You know who isn't impressed with Heinsohn's comments though? Kent Bazemore. The Hawks forward went so far as to compare Horford to a certain rangy swingman out of Nazareth:

Yep. Jesus of Nazareth certainly had haters Kent Bazemore. Sweet analogy bro.

If the Hawks need to put quotes by an 80 year-old homer broadcaster on their bulletin board to get pumped up, the Celtics might just have a chance in this series. Also, Tommy Heinsohn is the greatest.

Game 2 tips off tonight at 7PM in Atlanta.

Photo Credit Scott Cunningham NBAE/Getty Images