Kelly Olynyk loves Boston, is ready to make a playoff run

Somewhere deep in the depths of my heart, and admittedly my twitter, there once lived a burning hatred for Kelly Olynyk. The roots of it are unclear, but the ACC (and old Big East, may it rest in peace) fan in me can only speculate that it stemmed from the idea of the Celtics drafting what I presumed to be a Canadian, tyrannosaurus rex-armed, perimeter-orientated, upperclassmen center with a questionable haircut. These notions were somewhat common in the Boston media.

But look what has happened now. Kelly has come into his own as a stretch 5 and in Brad Stevens' system, his defense is far from the disaster that many expected. And the best part: He's a super likable guy. He sat down with Boston Magazine's Chris Sweeney for an interview about anything and everything ranging from his personal hair stylist to how quickly he can eat a burrito.

Here are some of the highlights:

- When asked to build an all-history starting lineup that included himself, Olynyk went with Michael Jordan, Shaq, Larry Bird and Steve Nash (Would make for a hell of a Canadian connection).

- The one thing he has splurged on the most since signing an NBA contract? Sushi. He eats it "probably like four to five" times per week. He also learned to roll sushi when he was a child and made his own in his Gonzaga dorm. 

- It's great to see how much he appreciates the city and the fan base. He responded to being asked what the best part of being an NBA player by saying, "It’s unbelievable. The fans are unbelievable, inside the Garden and outside. Everyone treats you with the utmost respect. Everyone just loves you. Being in this city is probably the best part". 

P.S. - Olynyk and Sweeney talked about the popular Canadian dish poutine (french fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds). I spend this past summer in Toronto and I count my blessings every day that poutine is not an American thing. It's just something to do with the word "curds." 

Photo Credit Kent Smith/Getty Images

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